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Ruist Basics

Filiality as the Root

[su_quote cite=”The Analects”]Youzi said, “A young person who is filial and respectful of his parents and elders rarely becomes the kind of person who enjoys defying their superiors. And a […]


A Ruist View of Death

Ruism is frequently introduced as a tradition which is too this-worldly to care much about what happens after death. To a certain degree, this is true. Ruism teaches that there […]


A Chart Of Ruist Virtues

In several recent essays on dynamic harmony, the five cardinal human relationships and ten riciprocal duties, and the three guides and five constant virtues, I discussed many Ruist virtues. To help you understand […]


Caution in Speech

From The Classic of Filiality Sometimes we “shoot from the hip,” without carefully considering our words. Movies and TV shows are full of heros who “keep it real” and “tell […]


Paying Attention

[su_quote cite=”The Great Learning”]When the mind is not present, we look and do not see; we hear and do not understand; we eat and do not know the taste of […]