New Translation of the Xin Jing (Heart Scripture)

Today, we are very pleased to share a new translation of the Xinjing or Heart Scripture of Zhen Dexiu by RAA member Ryan Chiang McCarthy. The Xinjing is an anthology of selected texts, from ancient classics such as the Yijing, the Liji, and the Mengzi, accompanied by comments by the Cheng brothers, Zhu Xi, and other eminent scholars, mostly of the Song period. Its theme, as the title suggests, is the matter of cultivating the heart or mind. (To distinguish it from the Buddhist Heart Sutra, also called Xinjing, it has also been known as the Xishan Xinjing.)

We congratulate Ryan on this accomplishment and are grateful that he chose to share it with us. We also wish to thank Drs. Joseph Adler and Stephen Angle for their assistance to Ryan in his endeavor.