Is Confucianism Relevant to 21st Century Americans?

A few months ago, we set out to assess Americans’ self-reported knowledge of, and attitudes toward, Ruism. To achieve this, we conducted a survey of 379 adults living in the United States. We’ll be sharing the results in the coming weeks.

We asked, “Is Confucianism is relevant to 21st century Americans?”

Many respondents (41%) neither agreed nor disagreed that Confucianism is relevant to 21st century Americans. About 44% agreed or strongly agreed that Confucianism is relevant and about 15% disagree or strongly disagreed with the statement.

About the Author

Ben Butina, Ph.D.
Ben is the President and co-founder of the Ruist Association of America, Inc. and Friends from Afar, an English-speaking Ruist discussion group on Facebook. He's also the creator of Stone Chimes, a modern English adaptation of the Analects of Confucius.