Ruist Basics

How to Be a Ru

So, you’ve read a few books on Ruism and you’re excited about the ideas you found there. Now what? How do you do Ruism? How do you become a Ru? 

In this article, you will learn four simple daily practices that will help you start living a Ruist life. This is not the only way to be a Ru and it may not be the best way. But it is simple, effective, and rooted firmly in the Ruist tradition.

The First Practice: Learning

Isn’t it satisfying to learn and apply what you’ve learned?


Set aside at least 5-10 minutes a day to read Ruist texts. Never forget that Ruist learning isn’t just about acquiring new knowledge. It always involves thinking critically about the text, reflecting on how it applies to your situation, and applying what you’ve learned in your daily life. 

The Second Practice: Self-Examination

Every day I examine myself on three counts.


Before bed, take a few minutes to reflect on your thoughts and conduct during the day. Firmly resolve to continue doing what’s right and to stop doing what’s wrong. Be sure to write this down!

The Third Practice: Ritual

The noble person takes justice as their essential, carries it out in accordance with ritual…


Throughout the day, pay special attention to your interactions with others. Whether it’s shaking someone’s hand, sharing a meal with a group, or holding a door open for another person, act with sincere, reverent attention.

The Fourth Practice: Quiet Sitting

In this moment, all my senses are calmed.

Gao Panlong

Take a few minutes to sit in solitude, focusing on your breath (or some other appropriate object) to settle your mind and emotions. This will help you prepare to act more virtuously in your daily life outside of meditation.